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12/30/02 - [EarthScope Exclusive]
Studying Volcanoes Under the EarthScope....Learn more.

11/26/02 - [NSF]
NSF announces new EarthScope Science and Education Committee....Learn more.

11/11/02 - [EarthScope Exclusive]
GPS Reveals Slow Movement in Western US....Learn more.

6/24/02 - [EarthScope Exclusive]
Earthquake Shocks Nebraska....Learn more.

6/24/02 - [EarthScope Exclusive]
Researchers Drill Hole Towards San Andreas Fault....Learn more.

5/28/02 - [University of Arizona]
Seismic Stations Record Useful Information on Terrorist Bombings....Learn more.

4/25/02 - [EarthScope Exclusive]
New York shaken by earthquake....Learn more.

3/26/02 - [EarthScope Exclusive]
Cascadian volcanoes still pose a threat....Learn more.

2/04/02 - [EarthScope Exclusive]
Earthscope is in the President's 2003 Budget....Learn more.

2/04/02 - [EarthScope Exclusive]
Earthscope Education and Outreach Meeting Builds Broad-Based Coalition....Learn more.

1/30/02 - [EarthScope Exclusive] This July, researchers from Stanford and the USGS will start drilling into the San Andreas Fault....Learn more.

1/25/02 - [IRIS]
Nyiragongo Volcano in the Democratic Republic of Congo is a hotbed of seismicity....Learn more.

1/23/02 - [NASA]
Displaying spectacular new 3-D images and animations of California from space, scientists at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, Calif., today announced the release of high-resolution topographic data of the continental United States gathered during the February 2000 Shuttle Radar Topography Mission...Learn more.


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